10 Well Designed Wanted Poster Template Collection

This article is a well designed Wanted Poster Template Collection. In the older times Police used to distribute the print wanted posters for the wanted criminals. These posters have the different kind of look than other posters. You must have saw some of these vintage posters where the poster has the mostly yellow or orange shaded look. The fonts of these posters are also different from normal posters. You can create the same old times wanted poster by using these templates. Do share this post with your friends to help us spread the word. Enjoy!

Wanted Poster Templates

Wanted Poster Template

This old western style wanted poster is designed to be as easily edited as possible. Drag and drop your own photo into the poster template.

wanted poster template


Old “Wanted” Poster – Editable

This web poster is based on the real, 19th Century “WANTED” posters, and it also treats your imported photos like that – it turns them monochromatic with strong contrast, while adding a slight displacement of the folded paper – to the text and photo.

wanted poster template

WANTED Flyer Templates

These flyer/invitation templates can be used for any event. Use your imagination to come up with a variety of ways to use this versatile design; Birthday parties, contests, nightclub events, auditions and much more!

wanted poster template

“Wanted” Poster – Wild West Style

This is one easy to modify poster that looks surprisingly realistic and vintage.

wanted poster template


Wanted Poster with Included Guns

This unique “Wanted” poster is visually appealing and easy to modify. Also it includes 2 sets of guns (with hands) – including 2 left and 2 right guns, so in order to make the best use of it, just paste your photo in the layer called “PASTE IMAGE HERE”, marked in red, and then enable the guns you like. You can also enable or disable the layer called “monochromatic” if you want your image to be in color.

wanted poster template

The Wanted Template

The PSD file is setup at 1275px x 1875px (4×6” with .25” bleeds) CMYK 300DPI .The PSD file is very well organized, with color coded groups and layers named appropriately.

wanted poster template

Wanted Flyer

wanted poster template


Wanted Poster on Wooden Wall

wanted poster template


8.5×11 Poster “Wanted”

wanted poster template

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