Train to Earn the Cisco Voice Certifications

The Cisco Voice certification is a unique certification that focuses on network architecture and administration of a voice network. It requires advanced knowledge of specific details, processes, and concepts within the associate, professional, and expert certification levels. The Cisco Learning Network website offers access to test curriculum and certification requirements, as well as other training resources (some of which includes instructor-led and independent study training courses, text books, study guides, videos, and registration details). Something that numerous test participants have used to great success is, a practice exam and study guide program that prepares individuals with the exact information found on each exam.

Regardless of the study materials you use, the Cisco investment is one that will undoubtedly pay off in the long haul. Whether looking to become CCNA Voice certified (which requires the 640-461 ICOMM v8.0 exam and will prepare individuals to become a voice technologies administrator, voice manager, or voice engineer), CCNP Voice certified (which can be done by taking 5 available tests to complete requirements), or CCIE Voice certified (which requires completion of a written and hands-on exam and knowledge of advanced, practical procedures), participants will always walk away getting the best treatment and the most complete experience possible. Cisco values itself in customer satisfaction; as a business, they offer the training and testing necessary to earn fulfilling jobs in a successful career. As a voice network authority, you can take your career in an entirely new direction.


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