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Best jQuery Shopping Cart Plugins

jQuery is a great way of adding dynamic effects to a website. It doesn’t need any complex coding you just need to add the plugin and your website will be ready with the amazing

15 Best jQuery Plugins From 2014

jQuery Plugins are the best way of adding dynamic effects to a website. Web Designers are always looking for new jQuery plugins so that they can add new effects to their websites. In this

10 Modern CSS3 Pricing Tables

This article features the modern CSS3 Pricing Tables. CSS3 is the latest version of this amazing styling language. CSS3 gives us so many designing options that were not present in the previous versions of

50 Best Cheat Sheets For Web Designers And Developers

This article is a collection of best web design and development Cheat Sheets. A cheat sheet or crib sheet is a concise set of notes used for quick reference. When you work with difficult

7 Modern jQuery Form Plugins

This article is a collection of modern jQuery Form Plugins. Form is a vital part of a website. Every Website has a contact form which helps visitors to contact the owner of a website.

10 Free Responsive WordPress Slider Plugins

This article is a collection of free Responsive WordPress Slider Plugins. A Responsive Design makes the website compatible with every size browser. With a responsive design we also need a responsive slider that can

100 Useful PHP Scripts From 2013

This article is a collection of PHP Scripts from 2013. PHP Scripts can save a lot of time of a developer. You don’t have to write a script from the ground level. You can