Best PHP News Ticker Scripts For News Websites

PHP is a great side scripting language. It changed the way of developing websites. It has so many advanced featured that attracts developers. If you don’t know much about PHP then you can always get the already developed scripts from web design communities. Developers are kind enough to share their scripts with the community. In this post I collected the best PHP News Ticker Scripts for the news websites. A news ticker is an essential part of a news website. You can’t imagine a news website without integrated news feed. Do share this post with your friends to help us spread the word.

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PHP News Tickers

Feedbox widget

feedbox widget

Display a box with a list of all rss feeds that you have configured in a xml file.

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PSHB Consumer

pshb consumer

PSHB consumer is an consumer implementation of the pubsubhubbub protocol The pubsubhubbub protocol brings the real time web into your website. Instead of requesting a feed in intervals to get the latest news pshb has a hub with posts new feed entries directly to your website if they are available.

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