10 Best PHP Poll Scripts

This article is a collection of best PHP Poll Scripts. We are compiling the best PHP Scripts for our web development readers. In the past week we compiled PHP Countdown Scripts and PHP Calendar Scripts. Now its time to look at the best PHP Poll Scripts. Check out these awesome and easy to install scripts. Do share this post with your friends to help us spread the word.

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PHP Poll Scripts



JAXpoll is a web based polling widget for your web site that requires little more than a few lines of HTML in your web page after uploading the code to your web server. It does not require a database or any post installation set up. Upload the application to your server, add 3 lines of HTML to your web page, add a poll in the administration page and start your poll data collection.


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Advanced Polls

ExtStore Advanced Poll is a dynamic PHP/MySQL based script which allows you to create polls and display its result as many graphical figures in nice-designed popup windows. There is no restriction in the number of polls, with a single installation users can add and manage polls unlimitedly.

advanced poll

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CakePHP Poll Plugin

This script is a CakePHP plugin for creating, publishing and analyzing online poll.

cake php poll script

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Flexible Poll

Flexible poll is a dynamic poll management system. It is flexible, because you can publish it in any height and width on any web pages, no matter asp or php based. You can create awesome polls as you wish and you can add them to your web pages easily and securely.

flexible poll

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Survey Engine

Survey Engine is a PHP script that is ment to helps you set up any number of surveys quickly.

servey engine

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PHP Poll System

This Poll System can create multiple polls with as many as you want poll options using UTF8 format and can be easily added to your page with the following comamnd: getPoll(poll_id);

php poll system

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Poll Hosting Script

Poll Hosting Script allows you to let people sign up for a poll and host it on their own website. It features a full user interface where poll owners can modify their polls as well as view the results in a pie chart.

poll hosting script

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Smooth Ajax Poll

Smooth Ajax Poll is the most complete poll solution that has been made, it’s a simple yet advanced poll, entirely written in PHP/MySQL/jQuery and AJAX,it’s so user friendly and can be integrated easily on any given website that needs a poll.

smooth ajax poll

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Vote It Up

This reusable, Object-Oriented and self-contained PHP /AJAX Component allows visitors to vote for anything you want on your website: pictures, sounds, articles, posts, etc.

vote it up

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Questions is a Facebook Question alike survey script. It is a full ajax application with an easy to use admin panel. It comes with an auto code generation function named “widget”, To display the questions, all you need to do is to copy and paste the widget codes to your page. You can even use built-in hooks to add your own static page to the admin panel.


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Which PHP Poll Script you like the most from the above list? Do share with us in the comments section.

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